Friday, June 18, 2010

Downtown Fayetteville

So, I Took Lola Downtown. She Had A Blast.

We Went To So Chic Bebe' Which Is A Shop Downtown Where The Personalize Just About Anything You Can Think Of.

Then I Took Lola To A Special Site In Fayetteville. This Is The Marketplace, a place where slaves were sold. There Was A Big Debate Over This Because The City Wanted To Knock It Down But Thats A Huge Part Of History And I'm Sure Lola Won't Forget It.

After Playing out in the sun we decided to go play inside Docks! At first she was a little shy but after awhile she played loads of games!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

North Carolina's Weather.. Yuck

So Lola's Been Here In North Carolina Since May 27, 2010. The Weather Here Hasn't Been Too Great. It's Rained Just About Everyday But The Sunny Days Here Have Been Pretty Great.

Lola Also Got A Chance To Meet Jack, The Jack Russell Terrier. She Says He's A Bit Too Hyper For Her So She'll Keep Her Distance.
So, Overall Lola Has Been Enjoying Her Time Here. We've Got Alot Of Activities Planned For This Summer.